Kyla Knight has a strong background in business, marketing and design. She has since added negotiation to one of her strong suits.

Her expertise in marketing and negotiation has given her clients an advantage when buying or selling a home.
"While your home is for sale, it is ultimately a product we are offering to the public, YOUR home is the one that needs to get noticed!"
Having a proven marketing plan, access to the latest statistics and sales trends, and a hefty knowledge base, offers my clients the best chances of seeing a quick sale for the most amount possible in any given market. Defining and developing negotiation strategies not only gains my clients a leading edge in their purchase or sale but also streamlines and minimizes any unneeded distress or anguish during their transaction.

It is of utmost importance that my clients feel safe, secure and confident that they are receiving the best value and advice for their real estate transaction, be it a purchase or a sale.

Hiring a 'Green' Agent

My passion for Environmental Sustainability runs a close second to my passion for Real Estate. Way before it was 'cool' to recycle, our family understood the impact consumable goods have on our planet. We have always strived for as small a footprint as possible. I continue to live as organic a lifestyle as feasible, and I see great importance in adopting 'greener' methods for building and renovating.

Edmonton has some excellent resources for people who choose to buy, build or renovate in a sustainable manner. Please give me a call and I can assist you in your search to lessen the impact.

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